Werkschau der Künstler diesen Jahres

Vorstellung am 03.05.2018


180 min

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Jim Stoten | Karma She | VR Piñata | Open Mic Stage of Epic Character Fails

Return to ACUD on Thursday, May 3 to soak up the wisdom of spoken-word aficionado Jim Stoten, and open your mind to spiritual playgirl and wicked witch Karma She, as she hits the basement CLUB with a live concert of her psychedelic hip-hop, followed by a set from DJ Unknown.
ACUD THEATER has the VR gear set up for you to thrash a virtual Piñata (unless you opt for a chain saw to do the job). In the upstairs STUDIO, show your support for the congenial conference crowd of international artists, filmmakers, and producers, as they take the stage to share their private stories of project fuck-ups, bad design choices and jobs gone horribly wrong, in a high-velocity, open mic night of epic character fails.