Shorts Competition 4


De Natura
Lucile Hazdihalilovic / Romania / 2017 / 0:05:00
Water, earth, air, fire, and two children at the height of summer.

In Paradisum - le véritable dragon rouge
Ricardo Bross / Mexiko / 2017 / 0:15:00
Whom who inhabits occult in thy skin, thy flesh, thy bones, behind blinded eyes, behind unvirtuous hands, behind foul tongues and fading faces, I walk amongst ourselves… I am our Beast.
---> Deutsche Premiere

Kaveh Mazaheri / Iran / 2017 / 0:20:00
In the corner of the home, Maryam's husband does weight-lifting. Suddenly, the weight falls on his throat and puts him between life and death.
---> Berliner Premiere

Winter in Lviv
Till Mayer, Pirmin Styrnol / Ukraine / 2017 / 0:17:30
„Winter in Lviv“ is a short-documentary about the situation of four Ukrainian women, trying to get by in a country that is struggling with an escalating conflict on the Eastern border as well as a heavy economic crisis.

Audacia del Tiempo
Marcela Alcalde / Argentinia / 2017 / 0.03:07
Audacia del tiempo is an experimental short film based on a poem of the same name, written by its author. It is a collage of images and textures grasped by the echo of the passage of time in memory.
Audacity of time, get entangled in the dream or its symptomatic equivalence ... Opprobrium of a deranged and tiny Eros: the crouching loss
---> Europa Premiere

Photo Jaunie
Fanie Pelletier / Canada / 2016 / 0:31:00
A documentary in which the filmmaker traces the existence of her father, who died when she was twelve, through a montage of his memoirs.
---> Deutsche Premiere