Shorts Competition 1

Vorstellungen vom 01.01.2010 bis zum 07.04.2018.


95 min


Gaze (Negah)
Farmoosh Samadi / Iran / 2017 / 0:14:28
On her way back from work a woman witnesses something happening in the bus and she has to decide if she reveals it or not.
---> Berlin Premiere

Ondes noires
Ismaêl Joffroy Chandoutis / France / 2017 / 0:20:00
In an ultra-connected society where electromagnetic waves have invaded almost every space, three people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity talk about survival in a world that seems increasingly inaccessible to them.

Jessica Beshir / Ethiopia, Mexiko, USA / 2017 / 0:07:00
At night, outside the walls of the Ethiopian city of Harar, Yussuf Mume Saleh gets together with a group of spotted hyenas.

Jayisha Patel / Great Britain, India, Canada / 2017 / 0:13:00
Present-day India. Three men sit at the edge of a field smoking. A woman is crouched in the field working. Another is cleaning the floor in the house. Two young women are shucking peas. One of them tells her sister about her rape and who she blames. It’s her own grandmother’s fault. The fire blazes away out in the field.
In dense situations and images, documentary filmmaker Jayisha Patel follows the women of this house on the village’s edge. She provides a glimpse into the cycle of violence, an insight that is directly connected to the women who experience sexual violence first hand. The daughter is to be married off, all of the details are already worked out. Will there be any escape from this cycle? The daughter speaks. She can name what happened to her. It could be a sort of beginning.

I have Nothing to Say
Ying Liang / Taiiwan / 2017 / 0:25:30
A trip to Taiwan has molded a Chinese mother after she met with her exiled daughter from Hong Kong.
This short film is directed by Ying Liang, who was the director of the Best Live Action Short Film awarded by the Golden Horse Awards in 2016. According to his personal experience in living in exile, he tells a moving story of a mother and her daughter, and the secrets hidden behind the mother, subtly depicting the political dilemma of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.
---> Deutsche Premiere

Permanent Residence
Nicole Midori Woodford / Singapur / 2017 / 0:20:00
A woman, her son and her mother reside near a quarry named "Little Guilin" after a famous landmark in China. She pretends to be a buyer who views condominiums, stealing from each family that resides in them. Glimpsing the quarry through various homes, her obsession culminates in an excursion to Guilin.
---> Deutsche Premiere