Short films #2:

Vorstellungen vom 01.01.2010 bis zum 04.05.2018.


73 min

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Visionär Film Festival

Visionär Film Festival – Encounters with new Auteurs ist zurück mit einer zweiten Ausgabe!
Nach einem Jahr intensiver Filmrecherche ist das Visionär Film Festival zurück in der Stadt. Mit dabei eine bunte Auswahl neuer Talente aus aller Welt, die mutig wie originelle visionäre Spielfilmdebüts auf die Leinwand zaubern.

Short films #2:

The film works with elements of video art and experimental film. The film has a non-narrative action. The intention is to create every picture and every scene in the film like a painterly act. The images were put together layer by layer to form a different perception of the whole.

The young composition student Alexei starts listening.

DEMIAN 9'30''
What happens after a deportation? How does a deported person adapt to the new, old home? Demian got stranded in Douala, Cameroon, and is surviving by selling watches in the streets. A life between German school documents, old photos and unsuccessful calls to Germany.

While waiting for her train in a café a young woman (Olivia) suddenly ends up in a situation where the barista chases away a begging girl and starts to stir up hatred against refugees with two customers. Olivia has to decide whether to simply leave the place like another customer does or to take action. Based on a true story.

Qassem and Abdullah were children when their family fled Afghanistan in the 1980s, to arrive in Iran as refugees. Now after 30 years and with families of their own, Qassem is risking it all for a brighter future and waits in a refugee camp in Berlin, Germany. Abdullah remains behind in Iran to struggle on, choosing his family’s safety over the uncertainty of going to Europe. Both Qassem and Abdullah put family first, as they balance their desire for safety with the hope of giving their children the opportunities they never had.

The protagonist is an anatomy model. She awakes in a seemingly perfect world. The fact that she must live as a “damaged” being in such an ideal environment amplifies her pain. She converses with her creator in an attempt to find answers.