Short Film Competition 4 | Signes de Nuit

Vorstellung am 19.01.2019



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Das (vielleicht) weltweite grösste unabhängige Festival Signs of the Night - aktiv in Paris, Lissabon, Bangkok Tucuman und Urbino - ist erneut zu Gast im ACUDkino.
Der verstörende Blick auf Realitäten und der audio-visuelle Widerstand. Eine Einladung zur Feier der kulturellen Differenzen.

Short Film Competition 4

Shooting Crows (Krähen schiessen) / Christine Hürzeler, / Switzerland
/ 2018 / 0:20:00
A park in the fog. Crows flap and caw in the sky. A homeless man
sleeps between the trees. A woman disappears. Now and then a crow is
shot: as a deterrent. The crows rally after every shot. The police
gather evidence. Reality and imagination become increasingly blurred.
Fine cracks pervade everyday perceptions. Gradually we begin to
suspect a new and unsettling reality behind the tangible world.

A Young Girl (Een jong meisje) / Jeannice Adriaansens / Belgium / 2018 / 0:17:00
A grieving elderly and rather confused farmer is slowly losing touch
with reality. After the sudden death of her husband she has to face
numerous challenges in her daily life. Also there is financial turmoil
and the upcoming auction of her farm. Can her son Geert save both his
mother and the farm?

Public Domain / Jason Britski / Canada / 2018 / 0:04:34
"Public Domain" is a found footage project made from public domain
archival material that is an exploration, and a reaction to the
turbulent times we find ourselves in.

May Day / Olivier Magis, Fedril de Beu / Belgium / 2017 / 0:22:00
In Thierry’s living room, people have gathered. None of them know each
other but they are all there to fulfil the same dream. They want to
find a job. But we’re in Brussels - nothing goes as planned.

To find the Day of 21st / Kieko Ikehata / Japan / 0:13:38
The main role is played by old family photographs. Illuminated by the
beam of a flashlight like the objects of a treasure hunt, these
pictures that are displayed pinned to a tatami mat present a strange
scene. Encouraged to solve the mystery by the enigmatic developments
surrounding a date that has been lost, we cannot follow this path to
the “truth.” A work in which both the monologue and visuals make use
of the immense power of poetry to deliver a message