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Vorstellung am 19.01.2019



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Das (vielleicht) weltweite grösste unabhängige Festival Signs of the Night - aktiv in Paris, Lissabon, Bangkok Tucuman und Urbino - ist erneut zu Gast im ACUDkino.
Der verstörende Blick auf Realitäten und der audio-visuelle Widerstand. Eine Einladung zur Feier der kulturellen Differenzen.

Belgrad is Blue Like an Orange / Antonin Blanc / Serbien / 2018 / 0:09:50
A man is driving through Belgrade, from reminiscences of his past he
will end up envisioning the future.

Forgive Me / Besim Ugzmajli / Kosovo / 2018 / 0:14:00
Bujar, a youngster, is manipulated by a kosovar Imam in joining
terrorist groups fighting in Syria. He secretly joins the war and then
asks his older brother Agron to send Bujar's wife Mimoza to Syria too.
Agron horrified by his brother's actions confronts Bujar and asks him
to return to Kosovo. Agron tries to prevent Mimoza from going to Syria
hoping to convince his brother to return. Bujar threatens Mimoza by
marrying a war widow should she not join him in Syria.

Ostajem - I'm staying (Ostajem - Ich bleibe hier / Maja Bahtijarevic
and Johanna Jannsen / Germany and Bosnien-Herzegovina / 2017 / 0:27:00
Maja Bahtijarević fled war in Bosnia-Heryegovina with her parents in
1992 when she was six years old. As a grown up she realises that
everyone who stayed tries to leave - hoping for a better life abroad.
She travels back and meets Stefan, Jelena and Pedja: Three who chose
to stay, searching for perspecitves.

Mouth of Truth (Nitko nije savrsen) / Barbara Vekaric / Croatia / 2017 / 0:18:00
Stefani has asymmetrical breasts, which becomes a difficult secret to
conceal when her high school goes on a trip. Stefani navigates her
sexual anxiety amid increasing pressures from her friends and the boy
she likes, but when someone discovers the padding in her bra, Stefani
takes drastic action to subdue the growing rumors about her.

Cherries (Tresnje) / Dubravka Turic / Croatia / 2017 / 00:29:30
Family tensions are slowly eroding what should have been a carefree
summer for 10-year old Jakov. Shielded by the innocence of a child,
Jakov does not understand the cause of the troubles, but can sense a
profound injustice in the actions of the grown ups. A series of events
ending in tragedy will incite his emotional revolt, but also his
feelings of guilt.