Documentary Competition 6 | Signes de Nuit

Vorstellung am 20.01.2019



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Das (vielleicht) weltweite grösste unabhängige Festival Signs of the Night - aktiv in Paris, Lissabon, Bangkok Tucuman und Urbino - ist erneut zu Gast im ACUDkino.
Der verstörende Blick auf Realitäten und der audio-visuelle Widerstand. Eine Einladung zur Feier der kulturellen Differenzen.

Documentary Competition 6

Room N°1 / Leila N'Deye Thiam / Central African Republic, France /
2018 / 0:29:00

In Room no 1 of the traumatology department of Bangui’s Hôpital
communautaire, ten women are waiting to be released and finally go
home to their families.
Each one of them comes from a different set of
experiences and all have suffered hardships. While they wait, they
engage in numerous conversations, sharing their grief, their hopes,
their projects but also jokes, laughter and good time. A film about
contemporary Central African Republic.

The Last Ice Hunters / Jure Breceljnik, Rozle Bregar / Slovania / 2017 / 1:12:00

The movie The Last Ice Hunters tells a story of the present generation
of hunters in the Inuit community of Eastern Greenland, the final
chapter in their 4000-year-old history.
A film about the destruction of a sustainable live form and the
painful consequences of civilisation loosing its roots.