Documentary Competition 1 | Signes de Nuit

Vorstellung am 19.01.2019



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Das (vielleicht) weltweite grösste unabhängige Festival Signs of the Night - aktiv in Paris, Lissabon, Bangkok Tucuman und Urbino - ist erneut zu Gast im ACUDkino.
Der verstörende Blick auf Realitäten und der audio-visuelle Widerstand. Eine Einladung zur Feier der kulturellen Differenzen.

Documentary Competition 1

The Atomic Soldier
Morgan Knibbe, USA, Netherlands , 2018 | 0:23:00
During research for his first feature film, Morgan Knibbe collected disturbing testimony from the few surviving witnesses of the American nuclear tests of the 1950s. This resulted in a moving documentary concerning the soldiers present at ground zero.

Jefta Varwijk and Jaap van Heusden , Netherlands , 2017 | 00:22:40
"I wake up at three o'clock at night. I open the window, I step on to the window sill. Everything looks white. It's February. I must break my neck. I must." A voice in David Brown’s head left him with an ultimatum: kill his brother or jump from the fourth floor. David chose to plummet and, consequently, spends his life between countless psychiatric facilities. From an ultra-subjective perspective, Asylum depicts David’s hospitalisation and his attempts to climb out of his depression, with him using his musicality and enduring humor.

Jakub Radej , Polen 2017 | 0:25:00
Dust is a study of the way that every human body must go through from the moment of death to the funeral. In Jakub Radej’s film, the consecutive stages of the way (mortuary, morgue, cemetery) are juxtaposed with a bureaucratic approach to the property of the deceased. A detached account of the fate of material objects that belonged to the deceased is presented in an open form, which may also include a question about the meaning of life and a reflection on the loneliness of people who have no one to bid them farewell.

Noa Maiman , Israel 2019 | 0:15:40
""Emma"" portrays the simplicity and banality of death, and the immense emptiness the people left behind experience when facing death of their close ones. For fifteen years with no partner or children, Emma is the closest creature to Noa. When Emma develops dementia and becomes blind, Noa is struggling to let her go. Tomer, her newish partner, encourages Noa that it’s time. While feeding her compulsively, like many of us do with the people who are facing death, Noa reminisces her grandmother’s last days. Finally, the Veterinarian is called to put Emma to rest at home. A while later Noa and Tomer spread Emma’s ashes in a plant where she lived and died celebrating one more beautiful sunset just for her (or not).

Doctor Co
Lysander Wiering, Netherlands 2017 | 0:24:00
Eighty-year old Doctor Co cycles all over Amsterdam to visit refugees in run-down garages and empty buildings. They stay here illegally and aren't eligible for professional medical care. Doctor Co tends to them and listens to their stories. They live in wretched circumstances; alcohol abuse and conflicts among themselves are regular occurrences. What motivates the old doctor to stick up for them unconditionally?