Documentary Competition 1

Vorstellungen vom 01.01.2010 bis zum 07.04.2018.


104 min

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Ondes noires
Ismaêl Joffroy Chandoutis / France / 2017 / 0:20:00
In an ultra-connected society where electromagnetic waves have invaded almost every space, three people suffering from electromagnetic hypersensitivity talk about survival in a world that seems increasingly inaccessible to them.

All the Leves are Brown
Daniel Robin / USA / 2017 / 0:11:00
A short film about memory, loss, family and a sugar maple tree.
---> Deutsche Premiere

My Life Without Air
Bojana Burnać / Croatia / 2017 / 1:12:00
Bojana Burnać, born 1981 in Sisak, living in Zagreb, Croatia.
My Life without Air is a thrilling view of the wondrous world of a man whose most important moments in life take place underwater during one highly controlled breath. Unrelentingly shifting the boundaries of physicality, he persists beyond the possible, believing that upon return to the surface he will once again be the best.

Biography of Bojana Burnać :
Master of Art, Academy of Dramatic Arts, Department of Cinematography, Zagreb.
Director of photography of fiction, documentary and experimental, feature and short films. First female DOP in the history of Croatian cinematography who made a feature-length narrative film. Underwater cinematographer. Free-diver. Advanced scuba rescue diver, ice diver,cave diver. Speleologist.