Short Film Competition # 5

Vorstellung am 19.01.2016



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14. Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht / Signes de Nuit

Catalina and the Sun
Anna Paula Hönig
Argentina, France, Germany
2015 | 0:16:00

Once upon a time there was a girl named Catalina. Every day she offered a tale to the Sun Tata Inti for he would always shine in the sky. Old legend from Jujuy, Argentina.

2183 Days
Natasha De Betak
2015 | 0:25:15

Rare and unique cinematic observation by artist and award winning filmmaker Natasha De Betak; She has been filming a Holy man Nagnath Baba since last five years who has been on a hunger strike to save the sacred river Ganga. Year after year, his body crumbles. He is haunted by both dreams and nightmares. His sacred existence takes surreal shape. Life continues to flow around his body; temple, prayers, rituals… Then one day his hunger strike reaches climax and he dies. Expressionism and poetry meet to create a sublime journey of an unusual soul.

Jacqueline Lentzou
2015 | 0:14:30

An early Autumn morning, a blind teenager is given her sight, among fire and steaming pots. In order to maintain her newfound gift she has to complete a mission: recognize her mother. She roams around independent for the first time ever, playfully indulged in her private discoveries, while her mother is silently waiting. An impressionist tale discussing the strongest emotional bond, that of mother.

Ina Jaakkola
2015 | 0:09:10

Unavoidable -video describes a symbolic way of adversities, which we all meet with on the road of life. When an adversity is unparalleled, such as death, we behave according to a certain formula: first, we feel the bewilderment and fear, after that we begin to fight and, finally, we have to approve the adversity I have taken to my video elements from the medieval idea of dance with death, "dance macabre"

Most of Us don't Live There
Laura Marie Wayne
Canada, Cuba
2015 | 0:25:00

Most of Us Don’t Live There is a memoir, both visually stunning and heartbreakingly sincere; a young woman wanders the landscapes of her childhood and explores a life coloured by bipolar depression. Set in the powerful Canadian Rockies, the film draws a link between nature and the human mind and calls for a re-visioning of what we understand as mental illness.