Internationales Festival SIGNES DE NUIT - Der besondere Blick: Teboho Edkins (Germany, South Africa)

Vorstellung am 21.01.2017


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Seit 2003 ist das Internationale Festival SIGNES DE NUIT in Paris und weltweit aktiv. In diesen Jahren haben wir mehrere tausend Filme aus etwa 70 Ländern präsentiert in unseren jährlichen Hauptfestivals und ebenso in etwa 140 Programmen in Zusammenarbeit mit kulturellen Institutionen und Festivals in bisher 33 Ländern, etwa in Algerie, Australie, Brasilien, Chile, Indonesien, Japan, Kuba, Libanon, Litauen, Peru, Russland, Slovenien, Tunesien, Türkei, Ungarn, USA ....

Special View : Teboho Edkins

Gangster Project / Teboho Edkins / Deutschland, Südafrika / 2011 / 0:55:00
In Cape Town, South Africa, one of the world’s most violent and unequal societies, a young white film student sets out with his cameraman to make a “gangster film,” with real gangsters. After a lengthy search for a suitably ‘cinematic’ character, he finds the perfect gang and settles into their everyday rhythm. The reality soon catches up and the claustrophobic gangster life doesn’t exactly fit to the expectations.
Twenty years after the first democratic election, South Africa remains a deeply divided society, one in which dialogue and understanding seem impossible and out of reach. Gangster Project crosses the line between fiction and reality, where real truths are revealed and fiction stops being fiction, and when it stops mattering. The film, directed by Teboho Edkins, was completed in 2011 and was subsequently premiered at the Marseille International Film Festival 2011.
/Um einen Film zu drehen begibt sich der gutbürgerliche Realisateur in eine der gefährlichsten Zonen am Stadtrand von Kapstadt. So gelingen ihm Porträts aus Nahansicht, nicht ohne einige Irritationen und Selbstironie.

Gangster Backstage / Teboho Edkins / Frankreich, Süfafrika / 2014 / 0:37:30
Teboho Edkins questions professonal criminels about thein life concepts, values, hopes and fears.
Teboho Edkins befragt professionellen Kriminelle nach ihren Lebensvorstellungen, Werten, Hoffungen, Ängsten.

Initiatio / Teboho Edkins / Deutschland, Südafrika / 2016 / 0:11:00
High in the mountains of Lesotho, Mosaku is anxiously awaiting the return of his older brother from an initiation ceremony. The initiates spend 5 months in a remote secrete location. What rituals are performed is known only to those who have taken part. But when the boys return, they are grown men. Initiation is a video work in which I take a scene of an existing film of mine, re-work it with unused footage and shift perspective to that of the younger brother, whereby it becomes an autonomous work. My voice and an old photograph of me as a white child growing up in Lesotho intervene as disturbing elements, simultaneously creating intimacy and distance. Contradictions, notions of identity and fantasy come to the surface.