Documentary Competition # 2

Vorstellung am 21.01.2016



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14. Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht / Signes de Nuit


Tomás Astudillo
2015 | 01:16:30

Solitary climbs to the Himalayas are uncommon due to the huge compromise they represent. What would happen if the solitary mountaineer falls in a crack? Would it make sense to cry for help in one of the most inhospitable zones of the Earth? Apart from overcoming the inherent risks of the climb, the mountaineer must fight with the immense psychological pressure of making the right choices, since the first error can easily become the last. After fifteen years of preparation in various mountain chains in the world, Ecuadorian mountaineer Carla Perez sets out to conquer her second eight-thousand meter Summit with an even greater challenge: to make it without artificial oxygen, with no expedition mates and without high altitude sherpas. A completely solitary climb, in which Carla must face enormous mental, physical and emotional barriers, in order to surpass the limits.

Kings of Nowhere
Betzabé Garcia
2015 | 01:23:00

Three families live in a village partially submerged by water in Northwestern Mexico: Pani and Paula do not want to close their tortilleria and spend their spare time rescuing the town from ruins; Miro and his parents dream of leaving but can’t; Yoya and Jaimito live in fear but have everything they need.