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14. Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht / Signes de Nuit

Spell of fever
La fièvre

Safia Benhaim
France, Marokko
2014 | 0:40:00

Morocco, 2011. On a feverish night, a child perceives a ghost, a woman who has come from the sea, coming home after a long political exile. A silent tale, a bodyless voice and visions mingle in the dark of the night and the fever. The child of the present and the political refugee are now one, travelling together to a strange building haunted by lost memories. History of decolonization and forgotten political fights appear and disappear. But a new struggle, the Arab Spring of Morocco, floods the past.


2015 | 00:49:00

Tehran, June 2013. The Iranians are preparing to elect the new President of the Islamic Republic. Massed in front of their TV, they comment the presidential campaign broadcast by national channels : the jokes that accompany the parade of candidates betray the spectator's disappointment. After the 2009 riots, the Iranian people there still believe in politics? In the privacy of their homes, facing the images relayed by satellite feed, state propaganda, images of the West, Egypt or Syria, women and men freely talk about their hopes, their anger and their fears.